Thursday, May 23, 2013

synesthesia/ cymatics responce

I found both topics to be extremely interesting. The idea of someone having the ability to see color regarding sound or specific words is amazing. As weird as it may be, it is also crazy to think of the creative possibilities this person must have. I think experimental film reflect a synesthesia point of view. It was also interesting to see the way sound created shapes and how sound could possibly have shape. The way the sand moved with pitch and frequency was way cool!  It'd be really neat to hook an actual song up to the machine and see the shape and forms each song would take.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Hand Painting response

I loved how the images interacted with the beat and rhythm of the soundtrack. It was as if the images correlated and visually showed the melodies and chaos that the musicians were going through in a studio setting. The rambunctious piano playing with the continuous bass. Showing color and squiggly lines followed by a black back drop symbolizing humans dancing to the piano notes. It was almost allegorical. Then it transitioned into an on-slot of last minute tension and calamity. Almost like the third act of a narrative film. I could see the filmmakers process at work with the three distinct pieces mixed with the song. Rambunctious, smooth, and the chaos! I loved the feeling it presented and how it all flowed. It wasn't too deep but it seemed like more of a flow of shape and form to music. I just liked the use of both music and film. They coexisted perfectly within the space of the medium. Thats about all I have to say about that.